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  Dark Messiah Patch Fixes/Addons Released (v1.02) - Official
  Posted by: AnonymousNoobie on 11-29-2006 @ 12:57 - Source: http://www.mightandmagic.com/uk/
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Single Player Addons/Fixes

The new patch is on the way and here is a full list of fixes found within the 1.02 patch.

* Patch 1.02 changes and bug fixes - Combat Difficulty has been raised for "Hard" mode
* - Added a new "Hardcore" difficulty mode
* - Re balanced NPCs strength & health on the second half of the game for all difficulty modes
* - Added an intermediary "Texture" setting between "Medium" & "High". "High" could create an overload with some video card memory, so to offer more scalability, it has been renamed to "Very High" and the "High" option now offer "Medium" textures for the scenery but "High" textures for the NPCs.
* - No More Crash on NPCs behead (that happened with the “head_link” error message)
* - Fixed the black BINK playback problem with GeForce FX video cards
* - Fix FPS drops with GeForce 6800
* - No More graphical glitch on GeForce FX cards when player is under water
* - No More graphical glitch on GeForce FX cards when player is being hit or is almost dead
* - No More graphical glitch on GeForce FX cards equipping a Magic Weapon.
* - If you still have trouble, please set GFX Detail to “Low”
* - Fixed additional stuttering problems, linked to Expression files being
* - Saved Game system changed to the new Async System to prevent too much stuttering when the game is auto saving (if you’re still experience problem, you may want to disable the Auto Save feature in the “Gameplay” options menu)
* - GFX Option is now properly Saved
* - Avoid Rope Bow to disappear under the world surface before getting it
* - Fixed inconsistency with the way Xana behaves during “City of the Flames” chapter events depending on player’s choices
* - Fixed a bug where the giant spider was not spawned at all.
* - Fixed a bug with some potions being destroyed on map spawn in the “Temple of the Spider” chapter
* - GFX Detail level Option is now properly translated in the french version
* - Avoid user from being stuck in the walls while using the Rope Bow
* - Final Boss has been re-balanced
* - Removed some dev button that could be found behind some walls in the Epilogue
* - Fixed the way some objectives were badly managed with the Pao Kai in the last chapter
* - Removed an improper “use” flag on some wooden beams in “Gleam of a Cold Knife”
* - NPC immune to Telekinesis can't be grabbed using Telekinesis Spell when they are in ragdoll behavior
* - Arrows that are out of the Game world are now Removed properly to prevent Framerate to slowly decrease to zero
* - Max number of potions/food you can stack in your inventory is now properly checked
* - Avoid the Ghoul script to be broken in some cases if player used the bow to attack the creature in “Dead Man's Trail”
* - Remove small memory leak on the Particle System
* - Remove small memory leak on clear value

These changes sound like it will make the game playable eh!
Lets root for Arkane.

Here are the Multi-player Addons/Fixes

Full list of fixes included in the upcoming multiplayer 1.02 patch:

Patch 1.02 changes and bug fixes

New Content
* New game mode - Capture The Flag
* Significant optimisations for sounds, textures and particles on lower-specification hardware
* New Map - CTF_1
* New Map - CTF_2

* Defend your team's flag while stealing the enemy flag.
* You must have both flags at your own base to score.
* Scoring a flag will give XP to all players on the scoring team.
* Returning your own flag also gives personal XP.
* Flags will not appear until there are players on both teams, and the 'battle begins' timer has finished
* Picking up a flag will slow you down, disables your weapon and briefly highlights you to the enemy team.
* Pressing fire when holding a flag will drop it and allow you to fight (be careful not to pick the flag up again when fighting)
* Dropped flags return to their base when touched by their team, or after 20 seconds.

* These can be found in the Options->Gameplay tab, and will generally require a restart of the game engine to use.
* Character LOD values lower by default (can be returned to higher quality by users in config files)
* Option to use alternative particles - New high performance particles for all spell effects. Total particles reduced, 'distort' effects removed, dynamic lights reduced. (This replaces the particle sliders)
* Option to disable streamed sounds - prevents sound being streamed from the hard drive during play. May improve framerates, but will disable some ambient noise.
* Option to use lower quality texturemaps - reduces load times and increases framerates for almost all users.
* Option to force simplified texture surfaces (this disables Normal mapping and Specular mapping). Will speed up loading times, especially for low RAM users, but the visual quality is reduced.

Map Changes
* MP1 - Recompiled - spawn point error fixed
* MP2 - Recompiled - ambient sounds improved, framerate optimised, spawnpoint error fixed
* MP3 - Recompiled - framerate optimisations (detail models now fade earlier)
* MP5 - Portcullises at final Undead point now lock open for last flag. New route added to final quadrant. Ambient sounds optimised.

Character Changes
* Assassin Backstab improved
* Assassin Triggered Poison Orbs - Recharge time added, Mana cost added
* Mage Lightning Orb - no longer instant-fire, must be charged, will not hit behind caster when cast.
* Mage Flame Arrow & Lightning Shock damage adjusted for maxed elemental alignments.
* Mage FireBlast - Projectile flight speed reduced
* Priestess is now informed how many team-mates have been mass resurrected or healed
* Warrior Leaping Attack fixed
* Warrior Safeguard now defends only in an arc in front of the character (you will need to track lightning orbs/fireballs to be protected)
* Warrior Safeguard now costs mana to create, and takes mana if it is hit by a spell. If mana is depleted, the Safeguard will fall.
* Warrior Safeguard now emits a noise telling players it is active
* Warrior shield no longer interferes with the movement model with when hit by an arrow

* Smoothed Spectator Cam
* Game Timer now shown on main screen and it highlights when time is short.
* Teamkill menu now available for 15 seconds after a teamkill

These new changes make me want the patches now!, Even the CTF! can you believe they are giving us one whole new gametype in one single patch... WOW!

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User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Dark Messiah Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 6 | Last comment: 12-15-2006 at 12:35

 #1 - 11-29-2006 at 14:04
From: (Ipswich)
Joined: June 10th, 2005
Posts: 576
Heh I made a post literally 5 minutes after you did on the same topic. Deleted mine stick out tongue

 #2 - 11-29-2006 at 18:53
Joined: January 21st, 2005
Posts: 435
so If you have the game on steam do you still need to download these patchs manually or does steam do it for you?

 #3 - 11-30-2006 at 04:03
From: (Ipswich)
Joined: June 10th, 2005
Posts: 576
No, if it's on Steam you shouldn't need to download it.

I imagine that for the non-steam SP people there will be a patch made available. As they did last time, I imagine there'll be a German version too.

The MP patch is exclusive to Steam as you cannot play it without it.

 #4 - Coop! - 12-04-2006 at 04:07
From: (poopland)
Joined: March 9th, 2005
Posts: 159
Give us a patch with COop! Who's With me!!!!!!!!!!!

 #5 - 12-07-2006 at 15:06
Joined: October 22nd, 2005
Posts: 105
co-op would be to laggy unless....u had 4 player limit and they all had under 50 ping (ms) and the map was set only to spawn the npc's by a trigger enitity not all spanned at the begining.

this would make it "playable" but...still frown

 #6 - 12-15-2006 at 12:35
From: (Kelowna B.C.)
Joined: July 6th, 2005
Posts: 170
I believe you would also have to modify the physics being done as the one player is pretty physics intensive, As well as programing in multiple spawn points after any staged event or cinema, But Co-op would be the best.

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